Friday, June 20, 2008

Stir Crazy

Does the below sound familiar?

-Frantically trying to read a whole textbook in one day?
-Random A-Z hopping?
-Reading the same sentence six times and then wondering what you have just read?
-Panicking because of failure to retain the new clotting cascade?

Enough is enough and, whilst going completely mad on my own in the house trying to achieve the above may seem like the only way forward, I have to try and preserve some sort of sanity and order. So, here is the well-meaning plan for the next two and a half days:

-Concentrate on some clinical viva stuff for the rest of today and part of tomorrow. To break it up, I will do some "light-hearted" revision of ECGs and X-Rays/scans.

-Tomorrow, I will look at topical stuff: this includes guidelines (found earlier in the blog), resuscitation algorithms (you never know - would be embarassing to stumble here!), and a quick scan at the Bricker SAQ book. I will break this up with some more "light-hearted" diagram drawing practice from both the A-Z and my notes.

-This leaves Sunday free: I will go through the RCOA guide (both old and new - received two days ago by post), as colleagues have had vivas straight from this guide in the past. I will also re-re-re-re-re-revise some anatomy and probably try and learn how to draw inhalational agents, including their SVPs etc. I'll probably read through this blog as well just for good measure!


AF said...

Good luck, and see you on Monday at the College (must catch up this time!)
Have to say it all sounds frighteningly familiar, except that I love the NEW clotting cascade, 'cos I could never remember the old one!

rocuronium said...

All the best for monday. I have enjoyed your blog and someone else sharing the pain. I never recieved the new book. Is there anything in it thats not elsewhere. Any hints from it. Also in the last ditch attempts to revise.
thanks and good luck