Saturday, June 7, 2008

Annual Leave

I have one more shift on ICU between now and the D-day of Monday 23rd June. My now familiar hotel booking at the Park Inn Hotel (see previous posting for link) in Russell Square has been made!

I've deliberately combined post-nights time-off, study leave, and annual leave to give me this block of flexibility. My plans are to try and keep to a routine of some catch-up reading in the mornings, travel to the hospital at lunchtime and hunt down consultants/SRs for viva practice followed by our formal viva practice for 90 minutes in the early evening.

More tips:
-No wild gesticulations - hands clasped under the table - don't fiddle with the pencil.
-Don't dig a hole - if you don't know, say so.
-Don't mention something you can't talk about.
-Don't say: "You would intubate....etc" It apparantly annoys examiners -they will not be doing anything apart from marking. Say: "I would intubate..." or "The patient requires intubation"
-Don't use abbreviations or colloquialisms. You need to sound professional.
-Be able to draw all line diagrams from the A to Z.

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AF said...

Hi James,
I'm sorry, I somehow managed to delete your comment when I clicked on something in an email!
I'm in London on the
Very best of luck!