Monday, April 21, 2008

Last minute

Well, I'm off to London shortly to spend an uncomfortable 18 hours or so waiting to get this little test out of the way!
I hate the weekend before the exam - there is a lot of frantic reading done, which is completely pointless as I'm sure none of it goes in. My gastrointestinal autonomic system is doing its usual pre-exam malfunction and I can never eat properly! I hope I echo many other people's thoughts out there.
The problem is that you tend to concentrate on all the stuff you think you don't know or have forgotten, rather than the considerable bulk of material that you have managed to assimilate into your completely overloaded brain!

My advice, for what it's worth at this late stage, is:

-Try not to panic - part of this exam is keeping a cool head. Remember what you need to pass - usually 12/20 on each question (sometimes lower, sometimes higher) to get a '2', and minimum 6 1+'s and 6 2's to pass the SAQ paper.
-Get nice pens, plus a spare or two
-Arrive early & bring photo ID as told.
-Read the questions (properly).
-Write nicely and space answers out - make it easy for the examiner! 10% of marks can be gained here!
-Don't overrun on questions
-Eat and sleep well tonight!
-Look through RCOA MCQs
-Look through some guidelines/protocols/past papers.

-Have some luck !

All the best

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