Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sixth Gear

I've just finished nights and now have a full week off - the first day (yesterday) has already gone and I didn't work because I was too knackered and the body-clock was all over the shop. There are five and a half days of studying stretched out ahead of me, broken up nicely in the middle by an extremely posh wedding of a friend in London, for which I'm also playing the piano during reception drinks. I'm aiming to try and complete two SAQ papers per day, in addition to some MCQ practice. It's a tall order as I've only been managing one recently per day - I am very easily distracted!! But the time has come to be more serious and strictly time myself doing these papers. I also have my weekly tutorial tomorrow night where we'll go through a paper written last week and marked! Unfortunately, I was quite tired during last week's tutorial and wrote the wrong paper and dutifully sent it off to be marked. No big deal, but it undelines a rather important point of listening to and following instructions properly!!!
Thankfully due to some careful study/annual leave planning, I now only have 12 shifts left to work between now and the exam, giving me quite a lot of spare study time. I'm going to bloody need it all !!!

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