Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter to anyone who is reading this!!
Most of my posts have been pretty positive, and from a couple of the comments it sounds like some people are finding it difficult to get down to work -this is to make you feel better!

I feel utterly fed-up, miserable and bored today. I just cannot bring myself to work. I have just had annual leave for the last week, and have not done badly (apart from Thursday/Friday where I went to a wedding) trying to plough through SAQ from the College website. But I woke up this morning and felt totally lethargic and distracted. I'm sitting at my desk with papers in front of me but no desire at all to tackle them, and with the attraction of so many other inane activities seeming much more appealing!
After such a nice break post-Primary, I had forgotten the utter misery that exam revision is. The only consolation is that I am starting to feel a little cleverer!!

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