Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I saw a scary thing today. Whilst browsing the AnaesthesiaUK website today, I noticed: 97 days until the Final written. 97 DAYS!! I'm finally getting into a routine whereby reading and revision is becoming the norm even after a full day's work. I've just finished my first read-through of neuroanaesthesia and ICM and plan to move onto pain and then clinical anaesthesia/specialties. I will then re-revise basic sciences etc from the primary. Most of my revision at present is just reading, although I am making the odd notes on stuff that I just can't seem to commit to memory e.g. antibiotics, adrenoreceptors!! For no logical reason at all, other things that I think may come up in the exam in some guise or another include the POISE study of perioperative beta-blockade in CVS patients, ARDS, and CEMACH (as already mentioned). Watch this space!!

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Unknown said...


I enjoy reading your blog. Try counting the days in months to feel better.

Dr MA Ali