Monday, November 19, 2007


After making some an encouraging start, I'm stuttering again. I had a particularly heavy set of obstetric nights and wasn't able to work on any of those shifts. Then we went to Devon for the weekend where there were little people, long walks and the occaisional beer (a bad combination for work!). Next week, I'm off to Egypt to relax for the week, but have made a decision to relearn some basic science stuff from the Primary whilst there. So, all the old favourites such as West, Peck & Hill, and Parbrook will be out with me by the pool. If you're going to do something painful in December, at least do it in 30 degrees!


Unknown said...

Mate i comend you on taking the effort and time share your pain that we are all starting to feel, embarking on this mammouth task. I have just started to revise and i am also started with cardiac. I suggest using the oxford handbook for all the clinical stuff plus the BJA supplements and the usual suspects for basic science.

Please can you send me the questions that you ordered together into systems. or even publish them this would be fantastic revision aid. Well good luck and keep it up.
spr UCLH year 1

Dr James Shorthouse said...

Thanks for your support - sounds like we're revising in a similar way with the Oxford Handbook and bulletins etc. The questions I have put together are basically from Anaesthesia UK but just put into topics. I'll see if I can get them onto the blog this weekend.
Good Luck!!