Sunday, September 23, 2007

Keen as mustard

Either I'm naiive or I can't quite remember the complete torture that I went through for the Primary just under a year ago. I feel quite optimistic and keen to get started with the revision at the moment. I think it is because now as a registrar I am more confident in my skills to give an anaesthetic, but still realise how little theory I know/have forgotten!

As far as I'm concerned, the most obvious way to start is to buy lots of books. Worked for me last time. I checked out the recommended list here on AnaesthesiaUK and then took a trip into Central London to Waterstones on Gower St to browse through the selection. I find it easier to look at the books in hard copy before deciding whether to buy them.

I have already acquired:

"The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book" Simon Bricker
"Short Answer Questions in Anaesthesia" Geoffrey Rushman

I got a copy of "Anaesthesia & Critical Care" Chris Dodds & Neil Soni from eBay for a tenner.

Then I placed the following order with Amazon:

"Companion to Clinical Anaesthesia Exams (FRCA Study Guides)"Charlie Corke
"The Clinical Anaesthesia Viva Book"Simon J. Mills
"Short Answer Questions and MCQs in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"Peter Murphy

"FRCA: MCQs for the Final FRCA: Saunders Self Assessment Series: MCQs for the Final FRCA (FRCA Study Guides)"Karen Henderson
"Practice MCQ's for the Final FRCA (FRCA Study Guides)"Jon Hardman
"Short Answer Questions in Anaesthesia"Simon Bricker;
"Final F.R.C.A.: Short Answer Questions"J. Nickells
"Clinical Notes for the FRCA (FRCA Study Guides)"Charles Deakin

"Final FRCA: Multiple Choice Questions (FRCA Study Guides)"Michael D. Brunner
"QBase Anaesthesia: MCOs for the Final FRCA v. 5"Edward Hammond

"MCQs for the Final FRCA"Khaled Elfituri
"MCQ's in Anaesthesia (FRCA Study Guides)"A. Ganado
"QBase Anaesthesia: MCQs for the Anaesthesia Final FRCA v. 2 (QBase)"Mark Blunt

A bargain at £320!


Anonymous said...

£320 is not a bargain! A bargain is when you go to your nearest NHS library and borrow every one of these titles for free.

Dr James Shorthouse said...

I was being sarcastic. I find that the local librarians don't like it when I scribble in their books which is how I like to revise. The books I will not need when I have hopefully passed the exam, I will sell on. The rest I will keep as future teaching resources.

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i think you are lucky to be a registrar inthis current climate. you have plently of time to pass the final. all you need is determination.

Anonymous said...

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