Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've just returned back from the European City of Culture 2008 where I attended the Booker course. I am shattered!
It was really encouraging to speak to a number of people who actually read this blog - thanks for your support and please leave comments and your advice/tips etc.

About the course:
I still reiterate that I think these courses are so valuable in preparing you for this type of exam. I found it pretty tough-going, but it has completely fulfilled it's purpose i.e. enforced writing of a range of SAQs under time pressure (I think we did 44 SAQs altogether including one full 12 question paper), some even more time-pressured MCQs (not easy standard either). The standard of candidate on the course was really high, and I found it quite daunting at the beginning of the week, but as the week progressed there were encouraging signs.
My MCQ marks gradually got better!

My SAQ technique i.e. timing, layout, and handwriting has really improved - mostly thanks to the 'Mersey Method' (unfortunately I don't think it would be fair to divulge it on the www!). There was a couple of sessions where we marked other candidates' SAQ answers - eye-opening the difference between handwriting and layout.

My tips at this point would be:

-MCQs MCQs MCQs (do the college book again the day before!)

-Hone your SAQ technique: make sure you have written a full 12 question paper in 3 hours a) to get your timing right, b) to practice handwriting/layout, c) for stamina!!

-Think of some sexy topics (the exam was set at the beginning of March!)

-Don't forget anatomy (it comes up in all parts of the exam!)


Adam F said...

Sorry about not catching up.
I think you were right about the standard of the question.
The group of 4 of us decided that the standard was quite high.
I went onto the SAQ course at Aintree that weekend, and it was a lower level of standard setting, but it was set by trainees at the same level as us, so it's still difficult to tell.
Good luck to you as well, in any case!!!

rb said...

MCQs more MCQs....hmmm
I have realized that various sources have different answers for the same MCQ with varied reasoning.
you tend to read in between the lines and be extra-cautious in replying and make mistakes

anyways hope our thinking will match our examiners!!

dr prit said...

does the college publish the letter after the exams, for which qs were answered well and whcih had a very bad response.
if so, would u mind sending across the web page address.

Dr James Shorthouse said...

Go to the following address:

On the RHS of the page you'll find a download link for the letters published post-exam on which questions were done well and not etc

Anyone else bricking it about the exam as well??